Activision Announces New Tony Hawk Title

New Tony Hawk Game Will Use Skateboarding Peripheral Again

February 11, 2010—Even though the previous release in Tony Hawks’ long-running series, Tony Hawk: Ride, was given a wide assortment of negative reviews, Activision doesn’t seem deterred and are gearing up for the next Tony Hawk skateboarding game.

Mike Griffith, President and CEO of Activision, stated that a new Tony Hawk title is planned for release this year, and confirmed it will be using the skateboard peripheral again to simulate actual skateboarding.

“Game ratings for Tony Hawk Ride weren’t as high as we would have hoped last year,” Griffith said. “ In hindsight, it took longer to optimize the hardware leaving less time to develop the software we launched in 2009.”

Developer Robomodo will be working on advancing the simulation with the skateboard peripheral; making it a lot more player friendly.

The previous title was thoroughly mangled by reviewers, and saw only modest sales. Tony Hawk himself even tried to promote the game by offering himself as an Xbox live friend to anyone playing the game.