Spore Coming to Consoles?

EA Says Spore Will Be Coming To Consoles; May Be A New Spore Game

February 9, 2010 – EA’s 2011 fiscal calendar revealed lots of interesting news. Buried amidst the news that a new shooter will be coming from Epic Games and that we can expect to see a new Dragon Age title next winter is the revelation that Spore will be coming to consoles.

The official listing cites “Spore Title TBA” for the PC and for Consoles, indicating that rather than being a direct port of Spore to consoles, it may be a new title entirely. The Will Wright-designed Spore allowed gamers to create thousands of unique species and guide them through evolution. Part strategy title, part city-builder, Spore was an interesting if somewhat flawed title due to its ambition. It may have simply been too ambitious, much like any Peter Molyneux-helmed game.

While we can’t really speculate on what the Spore title will be, it’s interesting to note that it will be coming to consoles. As always, when we learn more, we’ll let you know about it.