Max & The Magic Marker Coming to Wiiware in March

A Unique World Inspired By Children’s Drawings

February 8, 2010 – Max & the Magic Marker, produced and developed by the Danish company Press Play, has been announced for a March release of this year for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

The game features:

• 15 inventive and puzzling levels based on children’s drawings

• Unique drawing control in a truly dynamic physics environment

• 3 beautiful worlds inspired by children’s drawings

• Death traps, monsters, and challenging puzzles

• Unlockable challenges, secrets and rewards

• Original and awesome soundtrack by Analogik

These features are combined with an interesting story. According to the press release, “Max, the game’s hero, is a young boy who loves to draw. One day he receives a mysterious orange marker in the mail. As he begins drawing with the mysterious marker he quickly notices it has magical powers. Anything Max draws starts moving on the paper and comes to life. The monster he draws begins messing around with Max’s artwork and so Max decides to draw himself into his picture and that is where the adventure begins.”

Max & and the Magic Marker has received the European Innovative Games Award for Best Overall Innovative Game Design, and can be downloaded for PC and Mac here: