Free Realms Reaches Eight Million Players

Sony’s Free-To-Play MMO Is A Massive Success

February 8, 2010 Sony Online Entertainment announced today that their free-to-play MMO, Free Realms, has reached eight million registered users. The game’s success is due, in large part, to the fact that SOE listens to the opinions of their players and incorporates all of the feedback into the game with constant updates. In response to this landmark achievement, SOE president, John Smedley, had this to say:

“Free Realms is more than just a virtual world for our players; it is a portal for imagination. A place where players transform their house into a jumping maze for friends to compete or a petting zoo that boasts all their pets. Our job as developers is to listen to and predict what they want and give them the tools that inspire and compel them to share their experiences with eight million others.”

Free Realms is constantly redefining what a video game can be. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I played a game as a warrior, chef, and interior designer, all at the same time. There are an infinite number of possibilities in the game, which is a refreshing break from the warrior-mage-rogue gameplay of most other MMOs.

Of course, the game is also free, which adds to its popularity. That, and the fact that the game’s mascot is a mohawk-toting flying squirrel. What’s more awesome than that? But it doesn’t really matter what made the game so successful. What matters is that it is an innovative game which allows players to express their creativity with millions of others in ways unheard of before.