Madden Comes to Facebook

Coming Soon To Facebook: Nose Tackles and Touchdowns

February 7, 2010 In a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, president of Electronic Arts, Peter Moore, announced plans to release a Facebook version of Madden NFL. “We have to make Madden more accessible. You’ll see us on Facebook going forward,” stated Moore during the interview. The game will be a much simpler version of the hit console series, and will, like all Facebook games, be free-to-play. However, it’s hard to believe that such a powerhouse in the industry would give so freely of their time and effort, so expect some type of micro-transaction system.

It’s amazing that Facebook has been given so much attention from big names in the industry recently, from EA to Sid Meier. If this trend continues, free-to-play MMOs may just become the next generation of casual gaming. Whatever the end result, one thing is certain. This is going to be an exciting year for Facebook, with free-to-play iterations of Madden, Civilization, and Brave Arms all making appearances on the site over the next twelve months.

Source: Bloomberg Television

Joe Grogan

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