Left 4 Dead 2 Update Now Live

Left 4 Dead 2 Update Adds A.I. Bots to Special Infected Team, Removes Auto Spawn from Versus Finales

February 6, 2010 – Valve released its promised Left 4 Dead 2 update on Steam which will add Special Infected bots in Versus mode and gets rid of the “auto spawn” feature during finales.

The patch was released on Steam for PC users and will be coming shortly to Xbox 360 owners of the game in an “upcoming title update.” The patch also fixes map issues, prevents cheaters from quitting before vote to kick them out goes through and reduces the effectiveness of melee weapons against the tank.

There had been complaints aplenty about spawning halfway across the finale map in Versus campaigns and numerous issues where the Special Infected team would lose a member or two and bots wouldn’t take their place. The patch should even things up a bit but I can’t help but wonder how the Special Infected A.I. will work into team strategy. You know, like, when you’re waiting at the perfect ambush spot with all of your buddies and then suddenly the A.I. infected comes rumbling up from behind the survivors ahead of schedule.

The good news is that Valve is tackling cheating head-on, improving the game’s functionality and listening to fan complaints. As per usual, good job Valve!

Source: Valve