The Sims Celebrates Ten Years

EA’s Massively Popular Series Is Now Ten Years Old, Will Be A Teen Soon

February 5, 2010 – EA announced yesterday that they would be celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Sims, the groundbreaking PC game that has sold 125 million units worldwide.

The game, a brainchild of legendary developer Will Wright of Sim City fame, allowed gamers to take control of numerous people and guide them through their lives. Sims grew older and progressed through their jobs, earning more money in the process by improving their health, their knowledge and other skills that could be learned by reading books, lifting weights and using other objects that gamers needed to purchase for their sims’ homes.

The game was more than addicting. It was like crack. First you designed a home then you moved in your Sim and the encouragement to keep playing was what keeps many of us working in real life – growth and accomplishment. Your sim could become accomplished and wealthy and as a result they would travel to work in a fancy sports car instead of a crappy hatchback. They would earn more money and you could build additions to the home. They fell in love and vied for each other’s attention. They fought, they had kids and they showed off.

The game was infinitely replayable because every time you could make a different sim, a different house, a different career choice. It was revolutionary even as it appealed to gamers across a huge spectrum.

According to EA, the addictive game series has generated more than $2.5 billion in revenue. That’s a pretty strong revenue generation, putting it ahead of Avatar, Titanic and The Matrix Trilogy, according to EA.

The Sims franchise is going strong today, too, as last year’s release of The Sims 3 generated 4.5 million sales worldwide and was 2009’s best-selling PC game.

Happy Birthday, The Sims.