L.A. Noire Cover Story Revealed by GameInformer

GameInformer Cover Image Revealed, Article Will Focus On Recreating L.A., Facial-Animation

February 4, 2010 – GameInformer has released the cover image for next month’s issue, which will reveal details about L.A. Noire, the game that has been long in development and short on details.

GameInformer’s website touts that the article will focus on how Team Bondi, the developers behind L.A. Noire, created a vibrant, realistic recreation of 1940s Los Angeles. It will also provide details on the “groundbreaking” facial animation system and how it “might change the way we look at games from now on.”

L.A. Noire looks like a cross between GTA and L.A. Confidential and that is definitely okay in our books.

The cover image features a crime scene with a man who’s been lying on the pavement. A hard-boiled detective (hopefully along the lines of a Humphrey Bogart-esque character whose fast-talking and quick-thinking) looks down on the man while cops try to keep the press back.

It’s a fascinating setting for a videogame and it’s ripe with opportunities for unique gameplay elements given it’s location and time period. Look for the issue to arrive on newsstands soon.

L.A. Noire is being developed by Team Bondi and will be published by Rockstar.

Source: GameInformer