Dark Void DLC And Soundtrack Available Next Week

Survival Mode DLC Coming Next Week

February 4, 2010 Dark Void, Capcom’s recent futuristic third-person shooter will be getting some new downloadable content next week, according to an e-mail from Capcom’s PR team. The DLC will be a new mode of play, Survival. Any guesses to the goals of the survival mode? If you guessed ‘survive’ then you hit that one on the nose, congratulations!

Capcom’s PR explains that the survival mode will be an “arcade-esque” experience where the job of the player is to fight his or her way through leagues of enemies to finish Round 10, where survival mode will end. The main idea of this is for players to have to continuously try and top their own high scores. You can get the Survival Mode DLC on February 10th, for 400 MS Points on the Xbox 360 and for $4.99 on February 11th for Playstation 3.

Two interesting points of thought here. When most games utilize a survival mode, the mode lasts infinitely, until the player is beaten. Having the game finish up at Round 10 sounds like it may, depending on how well it’s utilized, wind up being a hindrance or become a completely addicting experience. The other point to consider here is that Capcom did not announce whether there will be leaderboards. We can probably assume there will be some kind of a ranking system, but we’ll have to wait and find out that answer later.

Also, in the same e-mail, Capcom’s PR announced there will be a soundtrack available on both CD and digital download. The soundtrack will feature an approximately eighty minute score, as well as a bonus track, “Theme From Dark Void (Mega Version)”, which will be the theme from their new DSiWare title, Dark Void Zero. Classic game soundtrack lovers, feel free to cheer now.