Uncharted 2 Title Update Arrives Today

Title Update 1.04 Fixes “Error Syncing Player Data” Issue

January 27, 2010 – A significant number of Uncharted 2 players ran into an error which would prevent them from being able to play Uncharted 2 online. Today, Naughty Dog released “Title Update 1.04”, which fixes the “error syncing player data” problem that prevented certain players from being able to connect to the multiplayer portion of the game, winner of our “Game of the Year Award“.

The fix required Naughty Dog to roll back the accounts of those affected by the error to Level 1.

The message about the update, posted on Naughty Dog’s site, said that “This was not an easy decision for us to make.” They point out that rolling accounts back to Level 1 isn’t the optimal solution, but after working for weeks to discover another way, it became apparent to the team at Naughty Dog that there was no other solution to the problem.

They go on to say, “We understand that some of our players that were affected by this issue may find the solution less than ideal and we completely understand how you feel. If there was alternative that didn’t require rolling back the affected accounts, we would have implemented that in a second.”

The title update only affects those users who have received the “error syncing player data” message and will not roll Level’s back for any other players.

Source: Naughty Dog