Apple Claims iPad Will Be Most Powerful Gaming Machine

EA Announces First iPad Game

January 27, 2010 – At Apple’s iPad announcement event today, claims were made that the iPad would be a more powerful gaming machine than any laptop or smart phone. Plenty of big names were on hand at the event, including Electronic Arts. Of course, with their plans to monopolize the gaming industry and whatnot, EA had to unveil their plans for Apple’s new touch-screen computer. EA representative Travis Boatman demonstrated the device’s gaming capabilities by exhibiting the iPad version of Need For Speed: Shift.

According to Kotaku’s Michael McWhertor, the game “looks like a much higher res version of an iPhone game, but takes advantage of screen real estate.” The iPad version of Need For Speed: Shift will control almost identically to any iPhone racing game.

That is, tilt to steer and tap virtual on-screen buttons to accelerate, brake, etc. Players will also be able to see behind them by tapping the rear-view mirror (surprise) and a cockpit view by tapping the car itself. While technically it appears as innovative as its console cousin, graphically the game is mediocre at best. Whether this is because of low graphical capabilities of the iPad or the fact that this version of Need For Speed: Shift may very well just be a high res version of the iPhone game, it’s not overly impressive, especially considering all the praise the iPad received as the most powerful gaming machine out there. Don’t be worried though, as Boatman closed the demo by telling viewers to “expect a lot more from EA soon.”