Heavy Rain DLC Will Allow You To Play As The Origami Killer

Heavy Rain Creator Reveals DLC Packages

January 21, 2010 – In an interview with the French gaming website gameblog, Heavy Rain‘s creator, David Cage, revealed what the DLC packages for the game will feature.

One of the DLC packages will see you playing as FBI agent Normand Jayden in a prequel to the game. A second DLC package will allow you to play as photographer Madison Paige. Most intriguing is the DLC package that will allow you to play as the Origami Killer, perhaps gleaning some insight into who he or she is and why they kill.

Heavy Rain‘s predecessor, Indigo Prophecy, didn’t shy away from putting players in uncomfortable positions. The game begins with you killing a man in a diner bathroom at the beginning of a major snowstorm. Indigo Prophecy featured mature content and a unique storyline and it seems apparent that Heavy Rain will follow along a similar line, bringing a murder mystery, love and fear together into one captivating yarn.

Heavy Rain, a PS3 exclusive, was developed by Quantic Dream and will be released on February 23 in North America and February 24 in Europe.

Source: Kotaku