Peace Walker to Get Special PSP Bundle

Special MGS: Peace Walker PSP Bundle to Feature Camouflaged PSP; Will Be Available in Japan

January 20, 2010 Some gamers out there sadly finished Metal Gear Soild 4, thinking that the game would be their final outing in their favorite series. Thankfully, they have something to be excited about again. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Up unti now gamers had access to solid snake, with only some references to Naked Snake. Now you get to play as him in the events leading up to the birth of Outer Heaven during the cold war.

With the help of the PSP-3000, Konami is going to release a special bundle in Japan, which will include a camouflaged PSP unit, and a special carrying case with a strap.

Sounds nice…but will it come to the states?

Japan gets it on March 18 and we might just get it around that time as well. So,if you ever feel the need to game it while playing hide and seek…knock yourself out.