Daily Debate

Mass Effect 2‘s Box Art. Yay Or Nay?

The original Mass Effect featured a great-looking, unique piece of box art. It was intriguing and mysterious but offered subtle hints as to what the story was going to hold in store for gamers. Saren glowers over the top-half of the box art while Commander Shepard stands tall in the middle, surrounded by future team members Ashley Williams and Garrus Vakarian. Planets hover in the depths of space while geth flank the sides. It highlights the enemies of the game, the main characters, the environment.

Mass Effect 2‘s box art has received flak from the gaming community. It’s bright and colorful, offers little insight into the gaming world or story, and features several very prominent characters mid-action.

Voice your thoughts here. We want to know what you think. Do you like Mass Effect 2‘s box art or hate it? What would you like to see?

To be honest, we’d rather see that badass mothership from the cinematic trailer. Yeah, the one above.