Activision Survey Finds 82% of Parents Aware of ESRB Ratings

Gamer Parents Are Very Aware of Game Ratings; Same Might Not Be Said For Grandma, Though

January 15, 2010 – Beware Jack Thompson – that old adage, “the parents don’t know better” seems to be a moot point. A survey conducted by The Harrison Group and Activision found that 82% of gamer parents and 75% of children who play games are familiar with the ESRB ratings system.

The survey also found that 63% of parents with children who play games consider themselves gamers and that the number increases to 83% for parents under age 35. 70% of parents, according to the poll, pay close attention to the ratings when purchasing a game while 62% of parents conduct research before purchasing a video game that their child wants.

The survey encompassed 1,201 online interviews among a group of video gamer players ages 6 to 44 and their parents.

Of course, the news probably won’t stop video game detractors from attacking the creation of mature games that train kids to “be terrorists” and “reward people for killing cops.” And the poll didn’t include grandma’s, frequently known to be suckers who will buy their grandkids anything, including Postal and the monstrosity seen below…

Source: Activision Survey