5 New Year’s Resolutions For The Gaming Industry

No Price Hikes, Better Ports, and Please, No More Multiplayer Cheating!

We all have our new year’s resolutions; some of us want to be brighter people, others want to get a girlfriend, and others still want to have a new year’s resolution.

With all of that going on, my mind wanders to the game developers that brighten my day every day, and what they might be thinking of for their new year’s resolutions. With that on my mind, I have composed a list of five necessary resolutions for the game industry (because you know..everyone loves lists…)

5. Destroy sky rocketing prices

I know this may be the farthest thing from publishers’ minds, but what’s up with the prices for new games? I know many of us gamers still would pay 60 bucks for our new games, but what about the next generation of consoles? When the PS4 comes out, will we have to shell out 70 bucks? Or even 100? I’m just saying that before gamers become broke, maybe prices should stay the way they are, even though the price to make them gets bigger. Maybe more units will be sold? Look at Nintendo …the Wii and it’s games are cheaper than its competitors and have bee for the longest time…and it has beat them badly in sales!

4. Put more effort into ports

Is it just me, or do games that are for all systems seem cheaper than the ones for specific systems? Third party games always seem to fail. It looks like they don’t have the attention or the time given to them that a first party game does. If a movie adaption were as good as Metal Gear, we would all be better off.

3. Good voiceovers for all foreign games

Yes, a game from another country can be absolutely ruined if the English dubs are bad (even if it’s a game you love). Many games fall prey to this, and it ruins the reputation of some of them and often makes them laughable when they’re trying to be serious. This forces gamers to feel that their only option is to import said game from wherever it came from to avoid the embarrassment of owning an awful import.

Don't you love pleasuring yourself with fish?

2. Eradicate cheating

I have heard many developers boasting about finally preventing their online game from being hacked. But the funny thing about these hackers (or as we call them ‘laggers’) is that they always find some way to cheat. Apparently, it is very hard to get rid of these guys. Maybe a special task force of equally smart hackers can work for us? Nothing ruins a good online experience than someone who is lagging it.

Yeah, that was cool. That didn't just ruin my game experience or anything.

1. Lessen hype

I know that hype can be really fun to take part in. But when a game doesn’t live up to its hype, people start to lose faith in the game and it’s developers. I remember when everyone was talking about the fabled Halo 3 release back in 07. With everyone speculating on how awesome it was going to be, it seemed like life itself would end if the game didn’t make it. After it came out, it was met with fantastic reviews but still was seen as a disappointment for the next-gen update of the series (it even didn’t win game of the year with some magizines). So I’m just saying, make sure that leaks never happen and that you find some way to control the hype.

Halo 3 - now promising everything you've ever wanted in a game. Game of the year awards already given ahead of release.