Evolution Dreams Studio Hosts the Biggest Xbox Live Indie Games Giveaway Ever

50 Xbox Live Indie Games to be Given Away

January 4, 2010 – To promote their two new Xbox Live Indie games, Avatar Quest and Pirate Mayhem, releasing later this month, Spanish developer Evolution Dreams Studio is hosting a giveaway event in which they will give out tokens to download three of their previous titles. Ninja Fever will also be taking part in the event by giving away copies of their game Dual Zone.

In total 50 tokens will be given out, making this the largest Xbox Live Indie Games giveaway ever. The breakdown of games being given away is shown below:

Planet Delta by Evolution Dreams Studio – 20 Copies

Words in a Word by Evolution Dreams Studio – 15 Copies

Bomb Disposal Expert by Evolution Dreams Studio – 10 Copies

Dual Zone by Ninja Fever – 5 Copies

Entry into the giveaway is free. All of the rules and information can be found in the link below.

Source: Evolution Dreams Studio

Bomb Disposal Expert
Words in a Word
Dual Zone