Fan Waits 9 Years For His Duke Nukem Forever Pre-Order

Maybe He’ll Get Credit For a 2010 Duke Title?

January 4, 2010 – A very patient fan of Duke Nukem highlighted his agony over the long-awaited (and most likely never coming at this point) release of Duke’s latest adventure by posting a photo of his 2001 Duke Nukem Forever pre-order receipt from Gamestop. The photo, which has been circulating the internet today, is a painful reminder of how Duke Nukem has held so much promise and released so much disappointment.

Once upon-a-time, Duke Nukem was the hit of gaming. Duke Nukem 3D, released in 1996, featured a fun and lengthy story, inventive settings, a smooth-talking, steroid-pumped man’s man for a main character and nude strippers. It was a huge success and catapulted its studio, 3D Realms, into the upper echelon of gaming. Shortly after Duke Nukem 3D‘s success, Duke Nukem Forever was announced and has been in development ever since. A torturous development cycle full of promises and failures, 3D Realm’s promises on Duke Nukem’s future have run hollow.

Poor gamer Slash000 pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever for the PC on October 18, 2001 and still retains the receipt. Let’s hope that, someday, he is able to use that pre-order receipt. If not, though, 3D Realms has promised several Duke titles on the horizon and maybe GameStop will accept his pre-order for one of those.

Source: Duke Nukem Forever Pre-Order Receipt

"You heard me right, I want my copy of Duke Nukem Forever. Now."

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