Mirror’s Edge Goes Mobile in 2010

Side-scrolling Version of Mirror’s Edge to Arrive on iPhone

December 31, 2009 The iPhone is no stranger to platformers, with games like Plushed having achieved great success. What the iPhone platformer market lacks, however, is attention from large developers. Next month that’s going to change when Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, better known as DICE, releases Mirror’s Edge on the App Store. The game is scheduled to be released sometime in January, although no specific date has been given.

Mirror’s Edge for the iPhone will play as a side-scrolling platformer. Although the gameplay is reminiscent of older 2D games, the player’s surroundings are rendered in 3D. The game uses dynamic camera angles to show the world around the player. Although the visual style of the game has changed, the core concept of “sprint through the level as quickly as possible” is still the same. No details have been given about the game’s story, other than that it will be a companion narrative to the console version of Mirror’s Edge. The game will feature 14 levels for players to run, jump, and slide through.

Mirror's Edge will be coming to the iPhone in 2010.