Battlefield 1943 Sale

Get It For Only 600 MS Points, 50% Off – Today Only

December 31, 2009 – Battlefield 1943 is on sale today via Xbox Live. The game, which regularly costs 1200 MS Points, will be on sale for 600 MS Points in celebration of the new year and decade.

Battlefield 1943 is set in the Pacific Theater of World War II and offers fast-paced, multiplayer action over large maps. Players can take command of vehicles and planes, and fight viciously for control of checkpoints throughout the island settings. The game features the Frostbite Engine, developed for Battlefield: Bad Company, which allows near total destruction of buildings during fights.

Battlefield 1943 is also available via PSN, though no sale has been announced for that venue.

Source: Bad Company 2 Twitter

Get Battlefield 1943 for only 600 MS Points today.