Heavy Rain To Get DLC Content, Collector’s Edition

Heavy Rain DLC To Feature Short Stories Revolving Around The Game’s Characters

December 19, 2009 – Heavy Rain, the PS3 exclusive from the maker’s of Indigo Prophecy (also known as: Fahrenheit) will be receiving several downloadable episodes in a new chapter called, “The Heavy Rain Chronicles”. The game, which will be released in February, 2010, is touting incredible visuals and a mature, crime-based storyline that evolves as you play.

The DLC announcement is an example of a growing trend in the gaming industry, in which DLC is announced and often prior to and often made available upon a game’s release. The Heavy Rain DLC will feature several stand-alone storylines following the main characters of the game. The first episode of “The Heavy Rain Chronicles,” entitled “The Taxidermist,” will be made available for free to any gamer’s who pre-order Heavy Rain at participating GameStop stores, and at GameCrazy or Amazon.

In addition, the DLC can be purchased in the Playstation Store. They will be priced at $4.99 each, and will become available shortly after the game is released.

European gamer’s will be able to access the DLC content if they purchase the collector’s edition of the game, which will include the first two episodes. No Collector’s Edition has been confirmed for North American consumers.

The Heavy Rain Collector's Edition, available exclusively in Europe, will include the DLC.

Heavy Rain will feature a deeply engrossing story, realistic human animations, and touts the ability for the game to continue even if one of the main characters dies. The game, as a result, will adjust based upon your decisions and consequences, and will have numerous paths to play out.

Heavy Rain is being developed by Quantic Dream and will be available in February, 2010 on the PS3.