60% of Homes In U.S. Have Games Console

New survey determines that number of households with games consoles is growing

According to the Deloitte’s State of the Media Democracy Survey, 60% of U.S. households now have a games console.

The findings reflect a jump from 44% three years ago, and reflects the growing infiltration of games into the mainstream consciousness. Much of the credit for the increase has been laid at the door of Wii, the console that has so successfully managed to penetrate the hearts and minds of ‘non-gamers’ worldwide. Indeed, thanks to the Wii – as well as internet gaming and the iPhone – the term ‘non-gamer’ is increasingly becoming redundant, and the emergence of games in all walks of life could be the trend that defines the coming decade.

As well as singling out the Wii, Deloitte signalled that part of the increase in console ownership could be due to recession-savvy consumers recognizing the value for money that games represent in terms of entertainment hours.

Source: State of the Media Democracy Survey