Ridge Racer Returns On iPhone

Ridge Racer: Accelerated To Race On iPhone Soon

After a three year hiatus, Ridge Racer is back – but perhaps not on the console you’d expected.

News of Ridge Racer’s return on the iPhone has been supplied by the Japanese magazine Famitsu. Details on the game are currently scarce, although a gameplay video reveals that the classic circuit from the original Ridge Racer will be featured in the game.

Ridge Racer: Accelerated will presumably take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer controls, but will this provide the level of precision needed in such a fast-paced game? At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

Namco is leading the way in bringing its triple A software brands to the iPhone to take advantage of the phenomenal success of Apple’s device and its App Store. The announcement of Ridge Racer: Accelerated comes hot on the heels of the Ace Combat XI: Skies of Incursion reveal, and shows that Namco is taking the iPhone seriously.

Expect to see other major software houses follow its lead.