LittleBigPlanet Pirates of the Caribbean DLC Detailed

Pirates of the Caribbean DLC to Offer Five New Levels, Global Water Object and More

LittleBigPlanet’s Pirates of the Caribbean DLC pack has been broken down into all of its parts, and it’s a doozy. The follow-up to the Metal Gear Solid pack will offer LBP creators a host of new choices, including the long-awaited water options.

The download will have five new levels from Media Molecule and will show off new tools including the Global Water Object, Scuba Gear, Bubble Machine and Water Switch for those looking to keep your themes nautical. Creators will also be inundated with other goodies, like eight new materials, 14 decorations, 27 objects, 133 stickers, four new music tracks, a new level background and 11 trophies. It’s like LBP’s version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

There’s also a new costume – The Cannibal – which makes Sackboy bear more than a passing resemblance to the Smash Robots. has all the details of the new materials and levels, as well as an FAQ on using water in levels. The update will be available on the 22nd of December (a Christmas release without snow or ice? You’ve missed a trick here, Media Molecule) for US $5.99, € 5.99, £ 4.79, AUS $9.95 and NZD $11.50.