Gran Turismo 5 Aiming for Summer Release

Gran Turismo 5 May Be Released This Summer; Japanese Release Confirmed for March

The saga of Gran Turismo 5’s fabled and elusive release looks like it will continue for some time yet, with SCEA Associate Producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda confirming to Destructoid that Sony is eyeing a “Summer 2010” timeframe. It was also confirmed that a Japanese release would come a few months earlier, in March.

Polyphony Digital’s magnum opus is in danger of slipping into the gaming nether region that includes Duke Nukem Forever, the Phantom console and where Too Human should probably have remained. With the projected release having been continuously pushed back despite claims that game was close to being done, fans of the series probably won’t believe the game is out until it’s actually in their PS3. Maybe not even then will they believe it.

GT5 will be the first Gran Turismo game to feature external and mechanical damage modelling, and players will also be able to flip their car. The final game is predicted to have over 1000 cars and 20 tracks. A demo is set for release on the 17th of December, so there’s hope for the game being real yet.

What are your thoughts on Gran Turismo 5? Are you excited about its release, done with waiting, or eager for the demo? Let us know below.