Terminal Gamer Review – Super Mario Brothers Wii

It’s A-Me, Mario! Remember me?

Three ways to describe Nintendo’s New Super Mario Brothers are hectic, exaggerated, and absolutely fun. After nearly twenty years since Mario first jumped across your television in his 16-bit hit Super Mario World, (let’s not forget Yoshi’s Island) the gang assembles once again to dominate platforming. Gone are the days of passing the controller back and forth between fellow gamers, NSMB throws up to four players into a Koopa battle royal where you’re either working together to conquer each manic level, or desperately battling against each other for coins, and of course, the best power ups.

New Super Mario Brothers Wii offers an updated version of Super Mario Brothers for the Wii

New Super Mario Brothers Wii offers an updated version of Super Mario Brothers for the Wii

In some ways NSMB says to me, “You thought side scrolling platforming was dead? Yeah, check this out.” The ability to include multiple players on the screen drastically changes the pace versus how you would play past Mario Brothers titles. You’re no longer sprinting to the end of the level in a Sonic the Hedgehog fashion, now players will be cooperating together to tackle some of Nintendo’s fan favorite obstacles. Everything you remember is here, 1 ups are good, pits kill you, ice is slippery, fire is hot, and those damn Goombas need to be stomped. Along with co-op play comes balance, which it nails perfectly. For veteran Mario players it should only take about one level before your thumb memory kicks in, and you’re collecting coins like a pro. On the other hand, amateurs are helped out with continuing lives, in the form of bubbles, that, if popped, bring you instantly back into the action. On a side note about the bubbles, there is the helpful addition of what I like to call the “Bail out Button” in which if you’re ever about to miss a jump, or any other peril for that matter, with the press of a button at anytime you can put yourself in a bubble. But, of course then you’re at the mercy of your fellow “teammates.”

But, what if, somehow, this was your very first video game? Thankfully NSMB has you covered. Along the way you can collect certain coins to unlock hint videos, which contain a speed run of the level you’re on. After viewing this, if you continue failing to reach the end flag, the games takes over and beats that level for you. You new gamers sure have it easy nowadays. Back on the Nintendo Entertainment System you only had a cloud, that once used allowed you to skip a level, and even that you had to earn by busting some serious plumber ass.

You can now play Super Mario Brothers with up to three other players

You can now play Super Mario Brothers with up to three other players

Sadly, all of this mulitplayer action comes with some drawbacks. Having all four players on screen can get pretty hectic on both the eyes, and brain. Sometimes, even when you’re trying not to kill other players, accidents do happen, an occasional knock player-two into a lava pit here and there. But, it all comes back to remembering when he took both power ups, and left you with nothing. Yeah, that bastard earned his instant death in the Mushroom Kingdom. From my different scenarios with the game, I have come to accept that the best way to enjoy this game is with two veteran Mario players sitting side by side, having a good time.

In the end, New Super Mario Brothers Wii is the direct evolution of the 16-bit classic we all played the first day we got our Super Nintendo. The clever addition of adding multiplayer is a worthy option for ANY future title that carries the name Super Mario Brothers.

The Scorecard


+ 1-2 multiplayer is sublime.
+ Levels are a unique twist of old meets new.
+ Koopa Kids are back!

– 3-4 multiplayer can be hectic, to downright exhausting
– Some parts, like the motion controlled moving platforms, suffer.
– After you complete a level with Yoshi you can’t continue with him.