Wii Production Being Scaled Back According to New Report

Nintendo Wii Production Being Scaled Back As Sales Fall

Remember back in 2006 when Nintendo’s Wii was the hottest new toy? Fanboys and grandparents alike waited in line for hours to get their sweaty little hands on the newest thing in gaming only to be told “sorry, we are sold out.”

Well, given recent news, it might be like that again, and not because Nintendo aren’t producing Wii’s fast enough. According to recent reports, Nintendo has begun the process of reducing the number of Wii’s being manufactured.

The report says that two huge Japanese companies, Mitsumi and Hosiden are facing massive losses in revenue this year because of the declining fortunes of the Wii and a “drop off in orders from Nintendo to assemble game systems.”

Apparently both companies are facing a drop in net profits of more than 50%.

As mentioned earlier, the Wii was notorious for being that hard to buy console when it was released back in fall of 2006. It was nearly impossible to purchase from any of the major retail stores, leaving people to scan through pages on ebay as their only hope of receiving the Wii and having to pay ridiculous prices in the process. It seems odd that only a couple of years into the consoles life span, manufacturing is reducing. Over the past few weeks Nintendo have been dealt a strong blow from increasing Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 sales which are now at an all time high. Another factor in the reduction may be the sour economy, which has been forcing less spending and more saving around the world.

Keep tuned to Terminal Gamer for updates on the Nintendo Wii and the cutback in production.

Source: Nikkei: As Nintendo’s Wii Stumbles, Parts Suppliers’ Earnings Tumble