Terminal Gamer Review – Creature Defense

Creature Defense for the PSP provides fun gameplay, beautifully detailed cards

Welcome to the world of Creature Defense, developed by Hudson Soft, where virtual card battles are used to defend your bases from all attackers. It is a world where standard tower defense gaming is intertwined with the game play of card battles.


The game starts out with a tutorial to show you the ropes. You are given a virtual deck of cards and it is your task to eliminate all threats to your bases. You are shown how to position your defenses, maps, and how to use card stats. The monsters will move along a predetermined path. The oncoming armies will be coming in waves and successfully defeating a set number of waves will unlock cards in the store of the monsters you defeated. If some of the monsters reach your base, base resistance is decreased. If base resistance reaches zero, you have failed and the monsters have defeated you.

Tower Defense Using Card Battles

Tower Defense Using Card Battles

The length of the game covers 5 separate stages and each stage consists of 6 phases. There is a time attack phase and 2 mystery phases to go along with the first three standard phases of each level.

After each stage, you earn coins which can then be used to purchase the unlocked cards in the store. Once purchased, you can then start building a better deck than you started with and create a much better defense. “The Eye of Judgment” card series from Sony also has three unlockable cards in the game.

Eye of Judgment Series
Eye of Judgment Series


The virtual cards are very detailed. The images are sharp and look great on a PSP. The attack animations themselves are creative and effective, with finely detailed motions.  The maps are laid out well.

Gohen Card
Gohen Card


The BGM music is fitting for the game, but games such as this would benefit from being able to use music from your memory stick (or the internal hard drive of the PSPgo).

The Final Word

Card games are still new to consoles, whether they be handheld or not, but tower defense games aren’t. As a tower defense game, this game follows the general pattern of other similar games, but when you add the card mechanics to the mix, it will appeal to a larger variety of gamers. Hudson Soft did a great job at incorporating this feature and it really took tower defense to a new level.

The Scorecard


+ Fun tower defense

+ Unique use of card battles

+ Smooth gameplay

+ Finely detailed cards

– No custom music