Sony Says Game Boxes Aren’t Going Anywhere

With all the talk about digital distribution, and the recent release of Sony’s very own PSPgo, the company is letting people know that traditional boxed games are far from dead.

“Make no mistake”, a SCEE boss told, “when you’re looking at PS3 games you’re seeing the shift in the sheer size of the data that’s becoming available, the packaged media business is not going away anytime soon.”

This seems similar to what Microsoft have said in their recent comments regarding the upcoming OnLive. So, even with Sony’s push to make downloadable games the “IN” thing on their portable platforms, it seems as though they are backing Blu-Ray one hundred percent. It seems inevitable though, that in the near future games will go down the same track that music has, and that movies are beginning to. As internet speeds get faster and bandwidth grows, it won’t be long before you’re rushing home to purchase the hottest new release, rather than one of those over-anxious game stores.

Is digital distribution a good thing? Well it is, but only if I can still get my night vision goggles, and art books. I guess it’s time to face the cold hard truth that digital distribution popularity is increasing, but I wouldn’t worry about it for the next couple of years at least.