Mass Effect 2’s Surprise Is Revealed

Mass Effect 2’s surprise has been revealed, and no, it isn’t a version for the PS3.

On the Mass Effect 2 facebook page, it was revealed on Monday afternoon that the surprise is a new, revamped website for the game. Fan boys screamed in agony as the long-awaited surprise wasn’t a new character, new story details, or the much whispered-about rumor that the game might actually be released for the PS3 as well. It appears that Mass Effect will remain an Xbox 360 and PC franchise, and while no new details were revealed, the website is awfully attractive and easy to use. Highlights on the bottom half of the page discuss the latest news surrounding Mass Effect 2 and near the top of the page is a box showing off new videos, previews, and Mass Effect 2 in the news.

Mass Effect 2 is highly anticipated and is expected to be a major boon for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Coming from developer Bioware, who produced Baldur’s Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the recent Dragon Age: Origins; Mass Effect follows the story of Commander Shepard, a human in command of the SSV Normandy, a gigantic intergalactic spaceship. Mass Effect had a sprawling storyline with a gigantic, explorable universe. Commander Shepard was able to not only travel around on a planet, he was able to travel between planets, visiting unknown planets and strange, populated worlds.

Mass Effect was noted for it’s mature, intelligent story as well as an immense ability to develop characters and produce a believable, humongous world. As your character grew, the story became more intriguing, and so, Mass Effect 2 is highly anticipated because of Bioware’s pedigree as well as the touted ability to continue the game with your character from the first title. This includes carrying over any decisions you made during the past game, as well as the consequences of those decisions. For example, if you made a choice that led to the death of the Council, then that will play into the storyline of Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 2 will have improved combat and a storyline that continues from the first game, including changes as a result of your choices in Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2 will have improved combat and a storyline that continues from the first game, including changes as a result of your choices in Mass Effect

In addition, the combat in Mass Effect 2 has been greatly improved. Damage modeling is more realistic, and enemies who have been downed but not killed will crawl towards you, fire from the ground, and react as though they are truly wounded. Character modeling is amped up as are the explorable worlds, which will include much more detail to feel alive rather than simply being a world with one or two “easter eggs” to discover. The world is highly interactive and there will be new races as well. While the storyline is still generally unknown, it is shaping up to be a world of gangs and lawbreakers on the edges of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Mass Effect 2 will be released on January 26, 2010. Keep an eye out for more news as it becomes available regarding this highly-anticipated RPG.