Microsoft Promoting Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend

Weekend of November 20-23, Xbox Live Silver Members Get Access To Gold Membership For Free

This weekend Microsoft is giving XBL Silver members a chance to taste all of the goodness that is a Gold membership to hopefully increase subscribers and celebrate the launch of Twitter, Facebook and as well as the launch of 1 vs. 100 Season 2 on the 20th.

The opportunity to preview Xbox Live Gold will also be available to U.K. gamers the following weekend (11/27 – 11/30).

This comes with some community worry though, as Microsoft has started cracking down on modded consoles as of late, with over a million banned in the past week. Some people in the community believe that the free weekend is a way to lure gamers who have modded their systems online in order to discover and ban them.

Along with those who are worried about hacked consoles and being banned, of course, are the Silver members who are extremely excited about being able to have access to Gold exclusive content, to keep up with people on their Facebook friends list, “Tweet their deets” to the world, listen to their favorite music and to generally get a taste of the online aspect of gaming.

Learn more about the free weekend at Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold Free Weekend Site.