PS3 Firmware v4.10 Holds Awesome New “Feature”… Dropbox Support is Finally Here

By: Mike Hartnett

With the release of PS3 firmware v4.10, gamers across the PlayStation Network are now not only scurrying around their consoles to find new, and often hidden features added by Sony, but are also exploring the upgraded web browser. However, with that upgraded browser now comes support for what could be considered a killer app on the PS3… Dropbox support.

If there’s one thing that many, many PS3 owners have been longing for, it was Dropbox support on their consoles. For those not familiar with the service, Dropbox allows users to upload files from their computers (movies, music, etc.), and then download those files from just about anywhere, and now that “anywhere” includes the PlayStation 3. Dropbox’s main site was previously unusable on the PlayStation 3, but is now fully functional (except for uploads from the PS3 itself, which may cause the system to freeze).

We tested everything from music to movies, all downloaded with no problems at all, and boy were the downloads fast! This is one incredible addition to the PS3 arsenal, and may very well have gone unnoticed by many. With Dropbox offering 2GB free just for signing up, folks will no longer have to worry about portable hard drives and USB thumb drives to move their content to their PS3… how cool is that!?

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  • John

    Well, I’m not surprised. Everything Sony is pretty shitty, useless and overwhelmingly underwhelming. All the credit rating companies seem to agree with me. It’s going to be fun watching Sony go down because of all their BS like their update system and shitty PSN (of course that is only part of their problems).

  • patrick

    well hello there fankid john… did your 360 scratch your cod disc since you are on here ranting?

  • @John, hi there, i must not agree with you about everything SONY is Shitty. If you dont love Playstation or Bravia or Walkman dont be such an ignorant. Sony its one of the best companies in the world. Are they with problems ? They all are. Does Sony have high prices ? Yes they ahve because for many years they were the kings. Do they need to change their polices on pricing? Yes they have and they are doing that. I believe that Kaz Hirai promotion its a very good thing for the brand , and people that love tecnologie will soon realize that Sony its here to stay many many years. I dont understand why you wish some company to fail.

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  • assurdum

    Lol what the hell going on here?

  • JohnCarmac

    if you want to signup for dropbox go and install it. you will be able to upload to your ps3 and from ps3 to pc.

  • Philip

    If you all want 250Mb of extra space free, download from here:

  • Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!

  • JohnCarmac

    Yeah first link gives 250mb bonus as well 😉 copycats! ^^

  • chulonyc

    In response to John stfu lame lol Name one console better than the ps3? none for various reasons. Stop holding on to the fallacy of 2007 about Playstations PSN netwrok being no good it is top notch and i love online gaming on my ps3. You can tell a fake troll miles away.

  • lol

    2GB well thats bad

  • Anonymous

    Dreamcast is better than ps3 😛

  • Makaiookami

    I’m just not going to feed the troll at the start of this thread. He’s either a rabid fanboy with no intellectual capacity or some annoying person who wants to be at the center of attention.

    Dropbox is actually doing a beta with a new version of the Drop Box app on Android and for every 500MB you have your phone automatically upload (you can set it for Wifi only) you get 500MB up to 5GB. Then you invite a couple people to Drop Box and you’ll be at 7-10GB in no time.

  • payslave

    sony payslaves out in full force of denial i see.

  • DelusionalBot

    Delusional 360 bots continue to contaminate the internet with no games to play I see.

  • mantas

    @Anonymous: You’re right!!! The Dreamcast was better…at failing, it was better at lack of AAA titles, it was better at having a crappy controller, and it was much better at selling less. So in those terms, yes, I guess the Dreamcast was better…

  • SonyPuppetNoMo

    another make.believe update
    i will never purchase another Fony device
    nor should you
    network is unsafe
    and i can do more shit with my mobile phone then what i can do with my shitty ps3 lol
    how pathetic is that lol

  • Old McGroin

    Hey people, leave the Dreamcast alone, what’d it ever do to you!?

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  • Awaken

    Its funny seeing these Xbox dick riders come out in full force on articles like this. They think this Is Xbox live where the only communication tolerated is lame trolling and “i fucked your mother” jokes. I suspect it’s because 360 has a statistically younger user base. The upside to the ps3 being sold for $600 at launch was only adults could really afford it, so the user base has been skewed towards adults since launch. I have never ever received a private message harassing, but this seems to be a pervasive issue on xbox. You get a taste of this bullshit on any Internet article that has any positive comment about the ps3

  • AJ

    Playstation has always been the console of choice in our house. PS2 fat, PS2 slim, PS3 fat, PS3 slim. Never had a single problem with any of theme. We always wanted the latest and the greatest which is why we bought new consoles when they came out. At the moment we have 3 PS3 consoles in my house. My kids each have one in their bedrooms and I have one in my living room. Recently we wanted to get an Xbox for the exclusives.. After doing some research I found out that the failure rate on the Xbox is extremely high. Everyone I spoke to has had to send their console in for repair at one time or another. That was enough for me to stick with my problem free PS3. It’s surprising that a monster of a company like Microsoft would have so many problems with the Xbox after all these years.

  • wavewave

    I can get onto the dropbox site and log on, but I don’t see how to download the dropbox application so that files are automatically downloaded. Help

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  • denverrifiume

    I’m newbie and a new user in this forum, but I hope to help and be helped by others. 🙂

  • Major thanks for the post.Thanks Again. Great.

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