Crysis 2: New York City

By: Geoff Calver

Aliens To Invade New York City in Crysis 2

January 20, 2010 Crysis 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the graphical masterpiece, Crysis, which pushed every single gaming PC to the brink of madness with its insane visuals and steep system requirements, will be taking place in New York City.

The March 2010 cover of Playstation: The Official Magazine was leaked onto the internet today and shows a Nanosuit 2.0-wearing character with New York City in the background. The game, which will be released on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, is being develop by Crytek, the company behind Crysis and Far Cry.

Far Cry burst onto the scene just months ahead of Doom 3 and made id Software’s game look genuinely last-generation in the process. Far Cry boasted huge tropical island environments to explore, completing your missions any way you saw fit to. The gameplay was genuinely excellent and the game was rewarded with high praise throughout the industry. A port of the game and other sequels such as Far Cry: Instincts were released for the Xbox.

Crysis took place on a tropical island where a mysterious spaceship has crashed. North Korean and American troops converge on the island, fighting each other in order to reach the mysterious object first. As the game progressed, the player encountered aliens and the island became frozen, mimicking the aliens home environment. Crysis, however, was known for boasting graphics that were out of this world. Screenshots showed the game engine could produce images so realistic-looking that, held up next to an actual photo of the same scene, no difference could be seen.

Crysis 2 will be built using a new engine, and who knows what type of mayhem Crytek will release upon New York City. Look for more details to emerge as the magazine nears its release date sometime next month.

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  • bigest fan of crysis

    i was played cyrsis many times and its amz. and look the second part of crysis2 will be here in my hands.i can’t wait.

  • Thomas


    My reason:

    If the ‘first reviews’ include BioShock 2, which is to be released on 9th February, then I’m pretty sure Playstation will not claim their review to be the first.


  • I have looked at the image at noticed some problems with it;

    1) Its is a March 2010 issue, I commented 25/01/2010 which means that the mag is not available yet

    2) Bioshock 2 is released on the 9th of February, they can’t review it yet

    3) The image looks to distorted

    4) The tower behind the Nanosuit looks fake

    5) The Nanosuit does not look like the new Nanosuit completly, not all the features are shown

    I can’t prove that it is fake by looking at an image, just wait till March and pick up a copy.

  • You’re Not Too Bright

    Sad that “Someone with a PhD” also does not have a very high IQ.

    1) Magazines come out well before the date on the cover, some as much as 5-6 weeks. You would know this if you ever read a magazine….

    2) Game/software developers give advanced copies of software to magazines and reviewers so they can publish articles about it, giving free publicity. Don’t guess they taught that anywhere during the 6-8 years it took for you to get your PhD….

    3) The image is not a shot from within the game, since – DUH – it is a first-person shooter, and you never see the character. This is clearly an art shot.

    4) See 3 above – clearly an art shot.

    5) See 3 above – this is clearly an artist rendering and not a game shot.

    Perhaps your PhD is in animal husbandry and therefore you should keep you comments to subjects with which you have some knowledge rather than spout off to the whole world only to showing how stupid you really are. Just a thought.


    Can’t we just WAIT, then we can find out for real. Looks good

  • Overkille

    So now PHD guy, now that it’s official, what do you say now?

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