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Red Dead Cheaters to Receive Ban Hammer

Tweet Do you like to cheat in Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer game modes? Sniping at an unbelievable rate? Getting more XP than you should be? Bullet-soaking machine? You soon won’t be able to get away with such nonsense.

Red Dead Redemption Cost a Pretty Penny To Make

According to London’s Daily Mail as well as The New York Times, Red Dead Redemption cost a whole lot of money to make. $80 to $100 million, to be exact. The reports regarding Red Dead Redemption’s production cost, if correct,

Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer Arrives

The launch trailer for Red Dead Redemption has officially arrived, and my God, it does make us excited for its release next week. All the details of the game have been spilled and all that’s left to do now is

Red Dead Referendum

GameStop and Rockstar Offering Gamers Chance To Choose Pre-Order DLC For Red Dead Redemption