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Quakecon and AT&T Re-unite to Provide the Ultimate Gaming Experience

AT&T Network Returns for 2012 to Provide Blazingly Fast Content Streamingand Greater Fan Interactivity  

GameSamba Opens New Chapter in Remnant Knights

Huge influx of new content and brand new storyline in the works  

QuakeCon 2012 Online Pre-Registration Opens Tomorrow

Bethesda Softworks has announced that QuakeCon 2012 online pre-registration is set to open Wednesday, April 25th. Full details after the jump.  

Celebrate President’s Day this Election Year with Dungeon Defenders’ free President’s Day Battle Royale DLC

Suit up as Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and more to duke it out in Etheria’s Presidential Battle Arena, now available on Steam! Full details, with screenshots and a video, after the jump.

Trendy Entertainment Opens Dungeon Defenders to the Community, Releases Development Kit

Not Only Do Modders Get Access to the Full Source Code, but Everyone Can Help Develop the All-New 16-Player Capture the Flag PvP Mode! Full details after the jump.