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Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote Now Down to the Final Four

And then there were four. Check out the final four contestants in this year’s Madden Cover Vote after the jump.

Voting Now Closed on NCAA Football 13 Cover Vote

The votes are in, but the winner won’t be announced just yet. Details after the jump.

Madden 13 Cover Vote Down to the Elite Eight

It started with 32 of the top NFL players in the league. Now there are only 8. Who will you choose? Find out who’s left after the jump.

It’s Down to the Final 2: NCAA Football 13 Cover Vote

The list has been whittled down to 2. After a bunch of intense head-to-head match-ups, the final 2 men are left standing. Who will survive and join Robert Griffin III on the cover? Details after the jump.

The Final Four Candidates Selected to Join the NCAA Football 13 Cover Athlete

Last week’s votes are in, and the field is down to four Check them out after the jump.