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Cars 2: The Video Game—Pixar Perfect

Just how involved were the folks at Pixar with the video game? Check out the deloper’s diary after the jump to find out.

Review – Cars 2: The Video Game

Mater and Lightning McQueen will be back on the big screen this weekend, but their video game launches ahead of their big Hollywood release.  Should you take it for a spin, or should they have stayed in the theaters? Read

Drive A Tuk Tuk Make Things Go Boom Boom With Free Just Cause 2 DLC

Rejoice, Just Cause 2 players, for Square Enix and Avalanche Studios is releasing a free downloadable content pack containing that glorious little Tuk Tuk you see in the picture there. The reason for this little goodie is simply a thank

Just Cause 2 Demo On Its Way

Eidos Announces That Demo Is Coming, No Specifics Revealed Yet