Diablo IV Closed End Game Beta Coming Soon

Today Activision is excited to announce that Diablo IV will be having a confidential Closed End Game Beta.



This will be the first of a few opportunities for select players to participate in testing an early version of the game on PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 consoles. They have decided to focus on the end game for a few reasons, but chief among those is because they don’t want to spoil the full story of Diablo IV, and for many, the end game is their favorite aspect of Diablo—they want to ensure it feels satisfying and have ample time to act on feedback.

Once their Closed Beta begins, they will be looking for community feedback on a variety of challenging end-game offerings including Helltide, Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers of the Dead, Fields of Hatred, and Paragon Boards.

For more information on what’s coming to the Closed End Game Beta and who will be invited, check out the full blog.

Who Will Be Invited?

Ensuring that Diablo IV’s end game provides the type of thrilling, ever-evolving experience we have set out to create is paramount for the team, and something we cannot determine on our own. We need experts, perhaps even players such as yourself.

Specifically, they’ll be using gameplay data to invite a limited number of Diablo players who have recently spent significant amounts of time playing the end-game experiences of Diablo II: Resurrected, Diablo III, and Diablo Immortal. If you believe you fit the requirements to be one of the selected players, you can help ensure our invitation to the Closed End Game Beta reaches you by following the steps below**:

  • Visit the Battle.net website or open the Battle.net launcher.
  • Click your username that’s displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click “Account Settings” or “View Account” depending on the platform.
  • Click the “Privacy & Communication” menu option then scroll down to “Communication Preferences.”
  • Click the “Update” button and make sure the “News and Special Offers from Battle.net” option is enabled*.
  • Click the “Update” button and make sure the “News and Special Offers from Battle.net” option is enabled*.
The steps detailed above must be completed by October 11.

*Please note that you may opt out of receiving marketing communications at any time. Follow the directions above to uncheck the “News and Special Offers from Battle.net” box. Alternatively, you may click the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of our emails.

Following the above steps will allow us to send an invite to your provided email if selected. In the event you are selected to participate in the Diablo IV Closed End Game Beta, you’ll receive an email invite from [email protected] containing further instructions.

If you have not received an email invite to the Diablo IV Closed Beta by November 18, then you have not been selected to participate. But don’t fret, public testing phases will begin early next year. To stay up to date on the newest Diablo IV information, check out our news page and follow @Diablo on Twitter.

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