ForeVR Darts Review – Bringing the Pub Game Home

Developer ForeVR took a trip to the pub and has now came up with their own VR version of the old school dart game with ForeVR Darts. Is the game ready to take home, or does the developer need to drink a few pints and keep working on it?

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The origin of darts goes back a long ways. What started out as a way for medieval soldiers to pass the time in the 1300’s, slowly evolved until 1896 when an English chap named Brian Gamlin devised a round target and numbering system to better keep score. Darts has had a few video games created for it, but most just use a mouse or controller to throw the darts and can be boring. Developer ForeVR aims to change that with their release of ForeVR Darts.

ForeVR Darts Review – Bringing the Pub to Your House

The game of darts has long been a way to spend time with friends at pubs across England, and even here in the US. ForeVR Darts has went a step further, and through virtual reality, is bringing the pub and dart game to your house via the Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR headset. While they don’t provide the beer, they do provide a rather fun game to play that only requires a short learning curve to master.

ForeVR Darts Review – Assist Mode for Easy Aiming

The gameplay for ForeVR Darts is pretty simple. Walk up to the line, pick up a dart, and throw. You can adjust the difficulty to help you when starting out, and the game can show you where you are aiming. Then it’s just a matter of working on the throwing motion to hit the spot you are aiming for. The hand tracking is very accurate, and with practice you should be able to work towards turning the assists off.

In a similar fashion to ForeVR Bowl and their different stat bowling balls, ForeVR Darts has over fifty unlockable darts, each with their own unique weights and designs. Mastering the throwing darts should start with you figuring out which weight better suits your style of gameplay and throwing motion. The darts themselves range from the shape of a guitar to one that has the British Flag emblazoned on its fins. With over fifty unique designs, there should be something for everyone.

ForeVR Darts Review – Easy on the Eyes

ForeVR Darts is a decent looking game with some pretty detailed venues to choose from. The animations are as smooth as you are and the tracking is a smooth 1 to 1 ratio. You can opt to use teleport to get from spot to spot in-game, or you can use a moving motion. We always opt for the teleport as a personal choice as it makes for less issues for us. The venues are nicely detailed and look great.

Overall the design of the darts, the boards, and the venues makes for an overall fun and impressive experience. Gameplay is smooth, and with the assists set to easy or even medium, ForeVR Darts has a very short learning curve. The game is clearly one of the best dart games on the market, and could very well be the best one created to-date.


ForeVR Darts review code provided by publisher and played on an Oculus/Meta Quest 2. For more information on scoring, please read What our review scores really mean

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