Liteboxer VR – The First Free Fitness App in the Metaverse

Ready to work out in the metaverse? Meet the company that is forging the path of the future, working out in the Metaverse through Virtual Reality – Liteboxer VR (See how it works here!) with the FIRST EVER FREEMIUM subscription. What does that mean? It is the ONLY free fitness app in the metaverse right now.  Just grab a Meta Quest 2, download and you’re literally boxing in the future!



Mark Zuckerberg is laser-focused on fitness in the Metaverse and Liteboxer worked alongside the Meta team to launch the VR workout. Meta also just recently announced major improvements to the Meta Quest 2’s controllerless hand-tracking capabilities. See the post from Zuckerberg featuring Liteboxer VR here. Last month, Facebook announced that it will open its first showroom to sell VR headsets, which further validates the future of fitness in the Metaverse.

Liteboxer is the go-to workout for some of the top celebs such as Logan Paul, Timbaland, 2 Chains, Luke Gulbranson from Bravo’s hit show Summer House, and more.

There are more than 400 workouts in the app, including 300 trainer classes and 100 Punch Tracks, which are on-demand songs from Universal Music’s catalog with pre-programmed patterns for you to punch to the beat.

Liteboxer VR has experienced over 200K downloads since launching two months ago and users have thrown over 28 million punches. Digital Trends & Forbes has named Liteboxer VR as one of the most intense cardio workouts and also said it’s the future of fitness!

Key product features include:

  • Mitt Workouts: For the first time in VR uses can work out and interact with a real-life trainer. For the entirety of the workout get coached by Liteboxer’s best-in-class trainers. Liteboxer is bringing your favorite trainers right into the home.
  • Challenges: Go head-to-head with matches that allow users to challenge other Liteboxers to beat their score. Complete a Punch Track, Trainer Class, Mitts, or Sparring Session and challenge others to beat the results.
  • Liteboxer VR will also offer a Premium subscription that gives you unlimited access to 300+ workouts, top-charting music, new daily content, plus go head-to-head with matches. Try for free with the 7-day trial. Get 7 days free.