RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Progress Report – Season Two Update

With the global rollout of the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat kernel level driver on PC, Call of Duty: Warzone saw a significant drop of in-game cheat reporting.



#TeamRICOCHET was able to catch and disable accounts quickly, bringing cheating within Warzone to an all-time low during the holiday break.

Over the past couple months, cheat developers have looked for new ways to try to exploit the game. Some have succeeded, many have not. While a recent rise in cheating is not at the level it was during Verdansk, we realize any increase is frustrating to players. The Call of Duty team is constantly monitoring the cheating situation and will continue every effort to prevent and combat this wherever possible.

Head to the Call of Duty blog for the full RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Progress Report, including information on current and ongoing anti-cheat mitigation efforts: https://www.callofduty.com/blog/2022/02/call-of-duty-warzone-ricochet-anti-cheat-season-two-update