Time Travel to the 90s in Physics Based Puzzle Platformer – Time Loader

Critical Acclaim for ‘90s Inspired Puzzle Platformer – Time Loader is Coming Next Year to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch!

Critics took the plunge into the ‘90s and rewrote history in this nostalgic PC puzzle platformer – see their opinions for yourself in the accolades trailer!



META Publishing and developer Flazm have released the accolades trailer for the physics based puzzle platformer, Time Loader.

Watch the accolades trailer here:

Along with releasing the accolades trailer, Flazm and META Publishing have announced that the critically acclaimed game will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2022, with a planned release on next generation consoles in the future!
Console players can look forward to exploring Time Loader’s emotive story, where players take control of a quirky RC robot and manoeuvre their way around craftily designed levels in an effort to rewrite the past, save the future, and help their creator accept the present.
Time Loader plunges players into the homely 90s, where their choices throughout the levels affect the future and result in different endings. Time travel is never simple, and players can quickly find themselves tumbling through alternative universes in an attempt to change the timeline in the way their creator wants it to be!
Watch the launch trailer here!

Time Loader is available for purchase now on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store. Watch out for the release in 2022 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

About Flazm
Flazm Interactive Entertainment was founded in 2010 in Magnitogorsk (Russia) as a small team of 3 people. The main focus of the studio was web games development. Over the last 5 years Flazm has created more than 30 games, including such popular titles as Truck Loader, Train Valley 1 & 2, Bob the Robber and Money Movers, which were played more than 1 billion times.

About META Publishing
⁠META Publishing is a rising video game label powered by industry veterans and gaming enthusiasts worldwide. We not only publish games, but aim to create unique and lasting relations between the games and players alike. With love and passion for games, and knowing no two projects are ever the same, we cater to developers’ needs and help them make each game shine.