MLB The Show 21’s 9th Inning Program is Here

MLB The Show 21‘s 8th Inning Program has come to an end and it’s time to start earning XP towards the newest bosses in the 9th Inning Program.


MLB The Show 21’s 8th Inning Program had three seriously badass bosses to choose from, and if you were able to snag all three, you’ll get a nice little jump start towards the 9th Inning Bosses, who are equally bad ass.

8th Inning Bosses


The 8th inning had some pretty decent guys leading up to the bosses, and the 9th Inning Program follows suit. You’ll have a couple of choice packs at 100K and 150K XP to pick from, and these guys aren’t too shabby.

Those bosses are your main goal, though and they are these three bad asses.

9th Inning Bosses

And here are their stats:

Who will you grab first?

As a bonus, and in honor of his career with the SF Giants, Buster Posey just got a new player program

And here is the upcoming schedule of events


MLB The Show 21 is done with Innings programs after the 9th Inning, which ends December 10th, as it was just announced that we are headed for Extra Innings. Stay tuned for more info as it comes in.