Timothy’s Night Review (PS5) – War of the Worlds Re-envisioned

Developer Wildsphere has brought their gangster game Timothy vs the Aliens into the next generation of gaming with Timothy’s Night. Is it worthy of your hard earned cash, or should you just let the aliens win this time?

Read on to find out


Timothy vs the Aliens released back in February of 2018 to decent reviews. It released across multiple platforms including the PS4. This time around, only the PS5 is getting to take down the aliens in Timothy’s Night, and the game was reworked just for that monster of a machine.

Timothy’s Night is an action and adventure open-world, third person, 3D game where we return to the streets of Little Fish City. Timothy had a pretty normal childhood for a gangster, except for the part where he was abducted. When he was just a kid, he was taken by these weird-looking beings who gave him superpowers. Since then, Timothy’s done nothing except use those powers for his own benefit and now he controls the whole city. What Timothy neglected to remember was the part where aliens would come to conquer Earth… and now he has to save everyone.

If you did play the original title, there is still a few more things to do in Timothy’s Night. The city has been made 35% bigger, and several new side and main missions have been added to lengthen the story and increase the gameplay time. Some of the collectibles have been put behind a surprise attack mode as well, and those were a lot of fun.

Timothy’s Night Review – Open World Fun and Mayhem

In Timothy’s Night you’ll start out with a small revolver that is effective but a little weak against the little aliens, and almost useless against the bigger fellas. The map is an open world adventure, playing out like a GTA game, where you’ll have to head to a given location on your map and complete a quest. Eventually you’ll run down a thug and take his Tommy Gun from him, and you’ll finally be able to fight off the bigger aliens, if you can find enough ammo. The story will lead you to a guy that sells other weapons, keys, and thankfully, ammo, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for cash floating around town.

The collectibles for the game have to be triggered through interactions with several NPCs, so finding them early will help you to collect the fish, hot dogs, and packages much quicker. Your friendly neighborhood vendor sells a nifty little item that will start clicking anytime you are near a collectible, so if you have plenty of Tommy Gun ammo, save up that $15k he’s asking, cuz that thing is a time saver. One thing to note, you can play all the way through the story to completion and the game will bring you back to the point right before the final mission, with everything as it was at that point. All of your cash and collectibles will still be there, so no need fearing the game will make you start over if you finish the story before finishing all of the side missions.


Timothy’s Night Review – PS5 DualSense Controller Usage

Timothy’s Night is very immersive thanks to the DualSense controller. There are more than 190 types of effects that have been integrated for Haptic Feedback, such as footsteps, raindrops, interactions with characters, objects and more. Now you will feel the bites of the aliens on your own skin, the raindrops falling on your head, and the recoil of your sawed off shotgun. The Adaptive Triggers for the weapons of Timothy’s arsenal gives you the sense of really pulling the trigger, with your Tommy Gun vibrating in your hands or the shotgun kicking you back. For driving vehicles, the triggers give you the sense of throttling and braking, and vibrations when running into things, or power sliding through a corner. The use of the DualSense controller is well done.

Timothy’s Night Review – Gorgeous Noir Graphics

Timothy’s Night is a gorgeous black and white game with graphics that fit the narrative very well. We played in 4K at 60FPS with HDR on and were very impressed with the fog, the animations, and even the number of bad guys you’ll have to fight at one time. Several times we were overwhelmed to the point of death because we ran out of Health Injections to save us.

For those that played Timothy vs the Aliens, regardless of the platform, Timothy’s Night is more than just a remaster for the PS5. With the added missions, larger map, and excellent use of the DualSense controller, the game more than warrants a replay, and the price isn’t bad either: US $21.99 / EU €19.99/£15.99


Timothy’s Night review code provided by publisher and reviewed on a PS5. For more information on scoring, please read What our review scores really mean.