Madden NFL 22: Homefield Advantage for Every Team

Brand new to this year’s edition of Madden NFL 22 is something called Homefield Advantage (Next Gen Only), and each team has their own unique advantage. We have them all right here.

Our game review goes live at Midnight Pacific time tonight, so be sure to check back then for a full game rundown.


Dynamic Gameday: Impacts gameplay everywhere and is made up of 3 core components that are used in unique ways for every mode of Madden 22.

  • Gameday Momentum: Feel the pressure of Gameday with a new Momentum Meter and unlockable perks called M-Factors (Momentum Factors), elevating the NFL environment the same way X-Factors did for players, along with 32 Home Field Advantages, unique to each NFL team’s stadium.


  • Gameday Atmosphere: Feel the scale, experience, and impact of big moments. Brand-new crowd animations, super fans, and remastered audio that bring the stadiums to life. The sidelines, the broadcast package, and player reactions are all reimagined.
  • Next Gen Stats: Star Driven A.I.: Madden NFL 22 uses Next Gen Stats to drive AI behaviors at both the player and team level. AI-controlled teams are more realistic in play-calling and tendencies, and opponents’ stats are surfaced so players can react and adjust at half time. This will evolve all season long.