Anda Seat and Disney Join Forces to Create the Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair Edition

AndaSeat Is Offering Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man and Spider Man Chairs in their Marvel Collaboration Lineup 





AndaSeat introduces one its most exciting and high-performance gaming chair lineups from Marvel! AndaSeat is combining the ultimate game chair experience with visuals of the world-class famous super-heroes Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man and Spider Man and creating an out-of-this-world experience.

 The Marvel 2020 Edition is renowned for its ample space in addition to customization at the highest level. To give you greater comfort, support, reliability and personalization, the new Marvel 2020 Edition features multiple improvements that will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding users. For an amazing experience that lasts for endless hours, this elite award-winning chair lineup is unquestionably the gold standard you need.

 The AndaSeat AD Design has invested in human engineering for over 10 years. AD Design applies the science of ergonomic for the office chair, intending to maximize healthy seating hours by reducing fatigue and discomfort. AD Design significantly improves the sitting postures for gamers as well as for office workers. 

 AD Plus PVC leather is used in all AndaSeat Marvel 2020 Edition chairs. It offers smooth bonded PVC leather and it’s resistant to scratches and stains. It is very easy to clean and the chairs maintain their shapes for a very long time. And it is made with the best materials having children – and adults – health safety in mind.   

 The comfort continues with AD mould foam and head pillows, which provide lumbar support cushion: it gives your neck and back the right posture. It continues with high density mold shaping foam, with more than 132 pounds of M3 density foam padding. It also features 4D adjustable armrests, covered with PU, and they support your forearms, so no pressure is felt by the wrists. Forget about muscle strain and focus on your gaming or working without stress.