Welcome to the MLB The Show Scouting Report

As 2020 comes to a close developer Sony San Diego Studios is excited for what the future holds for MLB The Show. They want to make sure that all of their fans know what is going on in MLB The Show so they created the MLB The Show Scouting Report that will give you all the latest information directly from the team on MLB The Show.

There’s also a secret conquest pack waiting for you.





The off-season is here, and the chill of winter is taking over, but SDS wanted to warm things up a bit! So they went back and updated the Conquest USA map featuring Willie Mays with an all new hidden reward! Go online and search the bottom tip of Florida for a hidden Beach Ball Choice Pack that guarantees a Diamond player for your squad. Make sure to restart the Conquest map before searching for the new hidden reward. It can only be earned once!

Louis Edwards

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