Madden NFL 21 Now Available on Next Generation Consoles

For those that purchased Madden NFL 21 for last gen consoles, Madden NFL 21 is now available for the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 thanks to EA’s dual entitlement..





Here are some top tips before you start playing: 

  • Analyze all your elite receivers routes – with Next Gen Stats, elite receivers will run routes differently based on collected data. Routes will feel different which will impact the timing of your offense.
  • Practice timing your throws – the timing of routes will be different then you’re accustomed to due to the data implemented through Next Gen Stats. You’ll want to make sure you get the ball out on time for slant routes or wait until the last second to deliver the perfect strike on corner routes.
  • Know your running lanes – Steering is not the same on next gen Madden NFL 21. You’ll need to identify and attack running lanes differently as you master the new feel of next gen Madden NFL

Game Description

EA SPORTS is bringing players the most realistic football simulation experience in Madden NFL 21 on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Madden NFL 21 on the next generation sets a new standard of realism and authenticity, highlighted by all-new gameplay innovation that brings fluid player movement powered by real-world athlete data from NFL Next Gen Stats. Player bodies will also match their NFL counterparts with unique body compositions across all positions. Additionally, EA SPORTS is delivering the most immersive Madden NFL experience to date with enhanced game day presentation through new visual details showcased by deferred rendering and lighting, stunning new weather details and location-based audio that bring the sights and sounds of the NFL to life. Plus faster load times get players to kickoff in seconds and keeps them immersed in the game as environments load with unprecedented speed. 


Blazing Fast Load Times —
Faster load times powered by next generation tech gets players in the game quicker than ever. Never lose focus as stadium environments will load with unprecedented speed, getting you to the kick-off in seconds.


Next Gen Player Movement  — Next Gen Player Movement fueled by Next Gen Stats enables players to feel the most elite NFL athletes move on the virtual field like they do in the real-world. The NFL charts individual player movements within inches through sensors placed throughout every NFL stadium and track tags on players’ shoulder pads. That athlete data from thousands of plays captured by Next Gen Stats feeds into the Madden NFL animation engine to recreate athletic player movement when running, cutting and changing direction, all performed at realistic speed and acceleration rates.


In addition to speed and acceleration rates, the animation engine is also leveraging player-specific route paths from Next Gen Stats for each individual receiver. Now elite receivers have the ability to run their actual routes logged by Next Gen Stats NFL game data to create fluid routes with more authentic rounded turns, athletic nuance and player differentiation. Some other areas of gameplay improved by Next Gen Stats include: 

  • Pass Lead — Next Gen Stats and player movement opened up the ability to lead receivers on deep routes more effectively.
  • Run Game — It’s easier to read running lanes and find those satisfying cutback lanes.
  • QB Movement Movement in and out of the pocket is smooth and athletic. You’ll also feel the difference when comparing movement of pocket passers to mobile QBs.
  • Head Tracking — Head movement is more realistic for receivers when running routes and for ball carriers when and where they are looking, making them look more aware of the on-field action.
  • Tackling — Gang tackles will trigger more often with much more variety. Tackle momentum is also much more realistic with direction, weight, and speed of the players involved taken into account for tackle selection and post-tackle follow through.
  • Improved Pass Rush Timing — With the passing game moving at a more realistic speed, the pass rush has more of an impact relative to the timing relationship between the QB dropback, the depth of the route and the speed of the incoming pass rushers.


Next Gen Stats Powered Replays — Relive the thrill of victory, backed by Next Gen Stats data. With Next Gen Stats-powered replays triggered by high impact statistical moments and presented beyond broadcast-quality, these new replays highlight the biggest plays by the best players in the game, all backed by hard data.

  • Primary Next Gen Stats Replay Triggers: Completed Air Distance, Rushing Distance, Ball Carrier Speed, Tackle Length, Time To Sack
  • Secondary Next Gen Stats Replay Triggers: Yards After Catch, Time To Throw, Time Behind LOS (for rushing plays), Broken Tackles, Yards After Contact, Run After Catch, Completed Air Distance, Air Yards To Sticks, QB Speed at time of throw, Carry Distance, Distance To Endzone, Distance From Own Endzone, Carrying Speed


Next Gen Play Calling  — Calling plays in the next generation of Madden NFL is more customizable and intuitive. Star-driven play calling makes getting the ball into the hands of Superstar X-Factors easier while players will get clear feedback on the rationale behind plays. For the first time, players also have the ability to save their preferred plays with the new favorite play marker and tabs for quick reference later.


Next Gen Player Bodies —
Player bodies will also match their NFL counterparts with unique body compositions across all positions, and visual details that change as the game unfolds. Players  will look, move and feel differently on the sticks with improved animation which will impact things like muscle movement, padding and player uniforms. 


New Cloth Animation Tech  — New cloth animation tech dynamically updates the jersey wrinkles based on player movement improving player silhouettes and making player bodies feel more organic and live. 


Deferred Lighting & Rendering — A new deferred lighting system in stadiums allows for more lighting sources, creating beautifully lit details and ultra-realistic football experiences that make athletes and environments look better than ever regardless of the setting (day, night, rain or shine). Sideline characters are also more reactionary to everything happening on the field with more contextual awareness. 


Location-Based Audio — New location-based audio technology allows players to be immersed in the sound of the stadium, through camera-relative audio support that puts players directly in the huddle, in the crowd, on the sidelines and everywhere in between. 


Weather — Players will also experience true-to-life weather in stunning new detail, with standing water on rain-drenched sidelines and cold winter snow blowing around the stadium. Visually enhanced weather conditions also affect cloth definition on athletes to match environmental variables.


Controller Haptics Players will be able to feel the impact of passes, catches, tackles, hits and kicks with the new DualSense controller on PlayStation 5. The responsive haptic feedback deepens the gameplay experience, immersing you in the rhythm of the game.

Pricing Information Players also have the option to buy standalone NXT LVL editions of Madden NFL 21 on the Xbox® Series X|S and PlayStation®5 for $69.99, complete with additional high value Madden Ultimate Team content.