Maneater PS5 Patch Should Fix Missing Trophy issues

With the launch of the PS5 came a new way to play Maneater. The SharkRPG where you can be a shark. While the game ran flawlessly on the next gen console, not everything worked as planned. A new game patch attempts to fix it.



We reviewed Maneater when the game launched for the PS4 and absolutely loved it. When the PS5 launched, it was one of the first games we downloaded and we couldn’t wait to start swimming in the waters and chomping on fish, alligators, and humans. The game ran flawlessly with loadtimes that were practically non-existent and fast travel that was almost instant. It is a gorgeous sight to behold on the PS5.

After completing the game to 100% in around 12 hours, we noticed the Platinum trophy didn’t pop. Upon further investigation, we found that none of our Apex trophies registered correctly, and all of them were left unearned. This game should have been our second PS5 Platinum trophy, right behind Astro’s Playroom, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Until this morning.

The latest game update was released overnight (1.000.003) and clocked in around 400mb. Not that big of a download but upon loading up the game this morning, all of the missing trophies popped instantly. We had a trophy that glitched on our first PS4 playthrough, and while they did fix the issue with a patch, we had to playthrough the game again completely in order to get that trophy to pop. This time, on the PS5, the trophies only required loading up the patched game in order to unlock.

Now we just need some DLC!

Did you have trophy issues with the game? Did the patch fix it for you? Let us know in the comments below.