Gamestop Sending Out PS5 Preorder Information VIA Email

Still looking to snag a PS5 preorder?

GameStop may be able to help.


Thank you for being a loyal GameStop customer, and for signing up for our PlayStation 5 email notifications!

As a true PlayStation fan, we wanted to let you know we’ve received a new supply of PlayStation 5 consoles. These will be made available to pre-order at and in GameStop stores tomorrow, Friday 9/25.

These consoles will go fast. And if you miss out, not to worry – we’ll continue to notify you as we receive new updates.

Preorders will be available in-store and online, so you may need refrsh their website often or line-up early at a brick and mortar shop, so find a store near you, and pack some snacks.

Amazon may be getting some preorders as well, so be sure to refresh those pages or sign-up to be notified.

Digital Only PS5 $399

PS5 with HD Blu-ray Drive $499

HD Camera $59.99

Dualsense Controller $69.99

Charging Station $29.99


Media Remote`